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Stainless Steel Multi-Tools

Stainless Steel Multi-Tools - Office and Business Supplies Online - Ipayo.com

Let your customers know you're thinking about them by sending them custom imprinted promotional Tools. Give customers not 1 but 10 handy reasons to remember your name, with this versatile tool for all occasions.

Description:  Durable! Heavy duty, stainless steel construction with plastic grip. Tool kit includes: steel blade, pliers, wire cutter, small screwdriver, lino blade, bottle and can opener, saw, file and large screwdriver. Handy pouch! Nylon pouch with hook-and-loop cl

Quantity Pricing:  35,323.75,50,449.50,100,849.00,250,1997.50,500,3745.00

Sizing:  5 3/4 x 1 1/2

Savings Deals:  20% off 1st order of Promotional Products & Accessories

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